Native Fish and Streamlife Observation Outing, May 11th, 2002

The North American Native Fishes Association
Cleveland Aquarium Society
Mahoning River Consortium

by Rob Carrillio


Eagle Creek

Rock Creek

Stratton Creek


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Looking back over recent years, I never expected that I would feel as though I could step back and pass the torch on to a whole new group of individuals so eager to learn about, share, and spread knowledge about the beauty and importance native fishes and habitats play in our daily lives. Such importance of native fishes, was clearly evident at the May 11th, 2002 NANFA/Cleveland Aquarium Society/Mahoning River Consortium Stream Life Observation Outing.

This natural adventure toured a group of at least 30 into three different area watersheds--the Mahoning, the Grand, and the Shenango--to discover an underwater world unknown and unseen to many. Whether participants at the outing were novice, expert, young or old, they were able to witness the living underwater world of Ohio's native fishes--something that never ceases to draw interest, and fascination. And most important, it generates a well deserved understanding and respect for our local rivers and streams!

Rock Creek

Before I outline each of the three stops, I want to extend some gratitude to some very special people. First, I want to thank property owners, Lloyd Gintert, (Southington, Ohio) and Larry Garlock (Kinsman, Ohio) for their gracious cooperation in allowing us access to the streams that traversed their lands. Their permission demonstrates a genuine desire to help educate the public on the importance of keeping our water resources clean and healthy. Thank you, gentlemen! In addition, I would like to compliment NANFA members Mark Binkley, and Nick Zarlinga for assisting the many participants during this outing, and offering their expertise on native fishes. With that said, let's begin!

Eagle Creek 



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