Native Fish and Streamlife Observation Outing, May 11th, 2002

The North American Native Fishes Association
Cleveland Aquarium Society
Mahoning River Consortium

by Rob Carrillio


Eagle Creek

Rock Creek

Stratton Creek


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In the final "optional" trip to a stream within the Cuyahoga River watershed, I was surprised to see that most of the group was still together! Only a few people called it quits early throughout the day, including me, as I stopped after Stratton Creek.

Nick Zarlinga has provided me with a list of species that he says he and Mark Binkley had observed on their last stop. Sorry, folks, since I didn't attend this last trip, I can't provide a story! Nonetheless, this proved to be another educational yet fun day at the streams! All who attended on this day walk away enlightened. They learned what remarkable worlds of aquatic life and habitat exist but a stone's throw from home, and how their health ultimately affects ours. As a result this, they also learned to become better stewards of our water resources. How could one not better appreciate our streams after seeing first hand how countless hours of quality time can be spent in an environment such as a stream and streamside forest? This thought alone demonstrates why these places are so worthy our protection.

Seining at Eagle Creek

With the above in mind, and after seeing such fine attendance at this event, I think all our talk about our native fishes is certainly not in vain! We've passed that torch of appreciation on to others, who in the future, will be stewards of native fishes and their habitats. Events like this make "appreciation and education, through observation" possible! Because of such events, it looks as though our native fish friends have a much brighter future! Thank you to all who made this day possible and for attending!



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