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These fishes can be special ordered. The time required to fill your order will depend on seasonal changes and the number of each species you would like:

Noturus leptacanthus, speckled madtom, view photo
Elassoma evergladei, Everglades pygmy sunfish, view photo
Elassoma zonatum, banded pygmy sunfish, view photo
Enneacanthus chaetodon, blackbanded sunfish, view photo
Enneacanthus gloriosus, bluespotted sunfish, view photo
Lepomis marginatus, dollar sunfish, view photo
Culaea inconstans, brook stickleback, view photo
Etheostoma caeruleum, rainbow darter, view photo
Etheostoma blennoides, greenside darter, view photo
Etheostoma flabellare, fantail darter, view photo
Etheostoma fricksium, Savannah darter, view photo
Etheostoma fusiforme, swamp darter, view photo
Etheostoma nigrum, Johnny Darter, view photo
Etheostoma olmstedi, tessellated darter, view photo
Etheostoma serrifer, sawcheek darter, view photo
Etheostoma spectabile, orangethroat darter, view photo
Etheostoma thalassinum, seagreen darter, view photo
Etheostoma variatum, variegate darter, view photo
Etheostoma zonale, banded darter, view photo
Percina caprodes, Logperch Darter
Percina crassa, piedmont darter, view photo
Percina phoxocephala, Slenderhead Darter
Percina maculata, Blackside Darter
Percina nigrofasciata, blackbanded darter, view photo
Percina sciera, Dusky Darter
Cyprinodon variegatus, sheepshead minnow, view photo
Fundulus catenatus, northern studfish, view photo
Fundulus chrysotus, golden topminnow, view photo
Fundulus heteroclitus, mummichog, view photo
Fundulus lineolatus, lined topminnow, view photo
Fundulus majalis, striped killifish
Fundulus notatus, blackstripe topminnow, view photo
Lucania goodei, bluefin killifish, view photo
Lucania parva, rainwater killifish, view photo
Gambusia holbrooki, eastern mosquitofish
Heterandria formosa, least killifish, pygmy livebearer, view photo
Poecilia latipinna, sailfin molly, view photo
Umbra limi, central mudminnow, view photo
Umbra pygmaea, eastern mudminnow, view photo
Aphredoderus sayanus, pirate perch, view photo
Percopsis omiscomaycus, Trout-perch
Campostoma anomalum, central stoneroller, view photo
Clinostomus elongatus, redside dace, view photos
Chrosomus erythrogaster, southern redbelly dace, view photos
Cyprinella chloristia, greenfin shiner, view photo
Cyprinella nivea, whitefin shiner
Cyprinella pyrrhomelas, fieryblack shiner, view photo
Cyprinella spiloptera, Spotfin Shiner, view photo
Cyprinella whipplei, Steelcolor Shiner
Erimystax dissimilis, Streamline Chub
Erimystax x-punctatus, Gravel Chub
Hybopsis rubrifrons, rosyface chub, view photo
Luxilus chrysocephalus, striped shiner, view photo
Luxilus cornutus, Common Shiner
Lythrurus fasciolaris, Scarlet Shiner, view photo
Lythrurus umbratilis, redfin shiner, view photo
Nocomis biguttatus, Hornyhead Chub
Nocomis leptocephalus, bluehead chub, view photo
Nocomis micropogon, River Chub
Notemigonus crysoleucas, golden shiner
Notropis altipinnis, highfin shiner
Notropis buccatus, Silverjaw Minnow
Notropis chlorocephalus, greenhead shiner, view photo
Notropis cummingsae, dusky shiner, view photo
Notropis hudsonius, spottail shiner
Notropis lutipinnis, yellowfin shiner, view photo
Notropis petersoni, coastal shiner, view photo
Notropis photogenis, Silver Shiner
Notropis rubellus, Rosyface Shiner
Notropis scepticus, sandbar shiner
Notropis stramineus, Sand Shiner
Notropis volucellus, Mimic Shiner
Phoxinus erythrogaster, southern redbelly dace, view photos
Pimephales notatus, Bluntnose Minnow
Pimephales vigilax, Bullhead Minnow
Pteronotropis stonei, lowland shiner, view photo
Rhinichthys obtusus, Western Blacknose Dace, view photo
Semotilus atromaculatus, creek chub, view photo
Catostomus commersonii, White Sucker
Erimyzon oblongus, creek chubsucker, view photo
Hypentelium nigricans, northern hogsucker, view photo
Minytrema melanops, Spotted Sucker, view photo
Scartomyzon cf. lachneri, brassy jumprock, view photo
Cottus bairdi, mottled sculpin, view photo

See our Fish List for other species that are available as well.

Compatibility and Feeding of North American Native Fishes in Aquaria


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