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Books and Periodicals

Annotated Checklist of North American Freshwater Fishes, Including Subspecies and Undescribed Forms by Chris Scharpf, Complete Five Volume Set $40.00 -- Despite having the world’s most intensively studied fish fauna, no complete and taxonomically current checklist of North America’s freshwater fishes has been available. Previous attempts are either out of date or underrepresent total known diversity by excluding subspecies and undescribed forms. The objective of this checklist is to provide a comprehensive inventory of North America’s freshwater fish diversity, including subspecies and undescribed forms, using the most up-to-date information available. By the author's accounting, North America’s freshwater fish fauna is comprised of 58 families, 214 native genera, 32 exotic genera, and a total of 1458 species and subspecies. This account provides distribution, name etymology, conservation status, and legal status (federal, state and provincial) data for each taxon. Counting only validly named native species (n=1115), North America is home to approximately 9% of the world’s freshwater fish species. It is the most diverse temperate freshwater fish fauna in the world. We have a _very_ limited supply of the complete five volume checklist, originally published as issues of the Journal of the North American Native Fishes Association. This will be a coveted set in the near future. New from the publisher $40.00

Handbook of Darters by Lawrence M. Page This is a classic work by a dean of American ichthyology published in 1983. Range maps, color photos and species descriptions. 271 pages hardcover.Email for Price

North American Native Fishes for the Home Aquarium by David M. Schleser, 1998, paperback, 169 pages, ISBN 0764103679, Covers aquarium setup and care, fish health, collecting fishes, natural history, spawning and aquarium care information on many of the most popular species and families, color photos of the fishes throughout, broad coverage of the U.S. fishes, range maps Email for Price
Read a review of this book.
July 2003 Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine All North American Natives Issue
This issue of TFH is devoted to North American native fishes. Much excellent information on collecting, keeping, breeding and knowing native fishes.  Summaries of families and care requirements. Articles by Chris Scharpf, Rob Denkhaus, Bob Bock, Charlie Nunziata, JR Shute, Pat Rakes and Bruce Stallsmith. This is a classic issue that will be coveted by native fish enthusiasts. $10.00
The American Darters by Robert A. Kuehne and Roger W. Barbour, 1984. 177 pp. + 24 color plates, The next best thing to the Page book, This one is out of print now also, we have some in stock, hardcover. ISBN: 0-81311-4527 Email for Price

Freshwater Fishes of Mexico by Robert Rush Miller, W. L. Minckley, and Steven Mark Norris, Hardcover, Dec 15, 2005, 540 pages, ISBN 0226526046, the long-awaited, complete and indispensible guide to Mexico's natives - in English - black and white photos and line drawings throughout as well as color photos, distribution maps for each species, natural histories; covers the gars, livebearers, darters, minnows, sunfishes, suckers, catfishes, killifishes, cichlids, fishes of marine origin in freshwaters, etc - all the species that are known to occur in Mexico, this book will complete your North American fishes library with those species not covered in the US fish books Email for Price

Fishes of the Great Lakes Region, Revised Edition by Carl L. Hubbs, Karl F. Lagler, Gerald Ray Smith (Editor), A recent update of the original publication, keys, range maps, black and white photos of each species, drawings of anatomical details, 90 of the species are illustrated in color drawings and photos, oversized plasticized softcover for durability in the field, 332 pages, University of Michigan Press; Revised edition December 8, 2004, ISBN 0472113712 , Dimensions: 9.3 x 5.8 x 0.8 inches Email for Price
Fishes of Oklahoma by Rudolph J. Miller, Henry W. Robison
The only comprehensive handbook available for identifying fishes across the state of Oklahoma. Precise keys and clear black-and-white photos or drawings of every species allow for the ready identification of all Oklahoma fishes. Within each species account is a map showing where the fish can be found in the state, as well as information on its habitat and biology. Also included is a color section showcasing brilliant paintings by Rudolph J. Miller. Published: 2004, 496 pages, 173 b&w illus, 70 color illus, 74 line drawings, ISBN: 0-8061-3610-3
Paperback, 7 x 10" Email for Price
Cloth Hardbound, 7 x 10"
Email for Price
Remarkable Shrimps - Adaptations and Natural History of the Carideansby Raymond T Bauer. Explores the evolution, natural history, biological diversity, and commercial importance of caridean shrimps-- a fascinating and colorful group of aquatic organisms that inhabit freshwater and marine environments from the tropics to the poles. Covers reproductive biology and sexual systems, including hermaphroditism and sex change. Provides evidence for sex pheromones in the attraction of males to females. The symbiotic relationships of shrimps with invertebrates such as corals, sea anemones, and sea urchins and also with fishes are fascinating phenomena of marine ecosystems. The status of caridean fisheries and aquaculture is appraised. Profiles each of the nearly thirty families of caridean shrimps in an informal style that is nevertheless rich with precise and useful references. Over one hundred figures and 11 plates with 70 color and half-tone photographs, 111 line drawings. 316 Pages, ISBN: 0-8061-3555-7 Published: 2004, Cloth Hardbound, 7 x 10" Email for Price


ATLAS OF NORTH AMERICAN FRESHWATER FISHES by D.S. Lee and Gilbert, Hocutt, Jenkins, and McAllister (1980) This is the massive review of the geographic distributions of all native and introduced freshwater fish occurring in the United States and Canada. Individual accounts with dot locality distribution maps provide a b/w illustration and information on the type locality, systematics, habitat, size and biology of all 775 species recognized at the time of publication. An indispensable reference volume for the libraries of those with an interest in native North American freshwater fish. Over 750 b/w illustrations, 775 maps, bibliographies, Softcover (with three-ring binder holes) 867 pages. Email for Price
ATLAS OF NORTH AMERICAN FRESHWATER FISHES SUPPLEMENT by DS Lee, and S.P. Platania, G. H. Burgess (1983) Supplemental pages with newly described species for the Atlas of North American Freshwater Fishes plus a separate booklet on the Caribbean freshwater fishes. The Carribean book is 67 pages and covers 59 species including gars, livebearers, Rivulus, cichlids and others. Dot locality distribution maps and b/w illustrations for most of the species. Email for Price
Atlas and Summary as a set, both of the above publications for one discounted price. Email for Price
Fishes of Arkansas by Henry W. Robison and Thomas M. Buchanan, 1988. This comprehensive book on Arkansas fishes includes information on the history of ichthyology in Arkansas, the types of environments available to Arkansas fishes, species accounts, distribution maps, color photographs, and identification keys. 536 pp. Dimensions (in inches): 1.42 x 11.02 x 8.60. ISBN: 1557280010, used, very good
Paperback Email for Price
Fishes of the Okefenokee Swamp by Joshua Laerm and BJ Freeman, soft cover, 118 pp, life histories and black and white drawings of the fishes. This title is out of print. We have a few. Email for Price
Inland Fishes of California by Peter B. Moyle, Chris Mari Van Dyck (Illustrator), Joe Tomelleri (Illustrator), 2002. Revised and expanded from the first edition of 1976. Illustrated by line drawings and color paintings, this book treats both native and introduced species, keys for identification, and species accounts with taxonomy, distribution, life history and characteristics. Hardcover. 502 pp. plus 12 color plates. Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 11.36 x 8.76. ISBN 0520227549 Email for Price
The Fishes of Illinois by Philip W. Smith, Paperback, 352 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 10.94 x 8.44, Univ of Illinois Pr (Pro Ref); Reprint edition (August 2002) ISBN: 0252070844 Email for Price
Inland Fishes of Mississippi by Stephen T Ross, new 2001 edition, hard cover, 624 pages, color photos of most species, range maps, keys and natural history accounts of each species, includes coastal and introduced species, covers the brachish and freshwater killifishes such as Adinia xenica, Fundulus euryzonus, Fundulus majalis, Fundulus grandis, Fundulus pulvereus and Fundulus jenkinsi, an indispensible reference, ISBN 1-57806-246-2, new, list price $50.00, our price Email for Price
Fishes of the Central United States by Joseph R. Tomelleri and Mark E. Eberle, 1990. Includes 163 full-color illustrations by Tomelleri and a forward by Frank Cross. Lively text for anglers and naturalists alike. Hardcover. ISBN 0-7006-0457-X Email for Price
Fishes in Kansas by Frank Cross and Joseph T. Collins, 1995. 2nd ed., revised. Features color drawings and photographs of the 135 native and introduced species in Kansas. Provides common and scientific names, with information on appearance, size, habitat, reproduction, food and behaviors. Softcover. 336 pp. Dimensions (in inches): 0.88 x 11.82 x 5.02. ISBN 0893380490 Email for Price

Fishes of Tennessee by DA Etnier and WC Starnes, 2001 printing, hard cover, 689 pages, color photos of most species, photos of both sexes for dimorphic species, range maps, keys and natural history accounts of each species, the fishes of Tennessee include Mississippi River basin fishes as well as eastern and southeastern fishes that are found in several other states, making this book an invaluable resource. Tennesee has more darter species than any other state, you can see them here in full color. ISBN 0-87049-711-1 new - Email for Price


Peterson's Field Guide to Atlantic Coast Fishes (North America), by C. Richard Robins and G. Carleton Ray, illustrations by John Douglass and Rudolf Freund, Houghton Mifflin publisher, soft cover, 354 pages, color illustrations and line drawings, graphical and text cues to species identification, Covers jawless fishes, cartilaginous fishes and bony fishes including estuarine and brachish water fishes. Includes the coastal marine and brachish killifishes that are not covered in the freshwater field guide. Indispensible to the collector. Over 60 illustrated plates. ISBN 0-395-39198-9. new condition, Email for Price

Fishes of Missouri by William L Pflieger, Missouri Dept of Conservation publisher, soft cover, 372 pages, 1997 revised and expanded edition, photos, drawings, graphical and text keys and distribution maps, accounts of all species found in the state, good coverage of the central US/Ozark fishes, ISDN 1-887247-11-4, new - Email for Price

The Crayfishes of Missouri by William L Pflieger, Missouri Dept of Conservation publisher, soft cover, 151 pages, color photos, detailed line drawings, ranges maps, keys, a very user friendly book similar to the best of the Fishes-of books, species accounts for 32 crayfishes, including the dwarf crayfishes, shufeldtii and puer, a great book to learn how to identify crayfishes as a group, glossary of anatomical terms, ISDN 1-887247-05-X, paperback, new - Email for Price

Common and Scientific Names of Aquatic Invertebrates from the United States and Canada: Decapod Crustaceans by A. B. Williams et al, Special Publication 17, the purpose of this list is to provide a checklist of species and to recommend selected common names for North American Decapod Crustaceans, thereby achieving uniformity and avoiding confusion in the nomenclature of their common names, this list will heighten public awareness of the diversity and wide distribution of Decapod Crustaceans in North America, help to identify taxonomic groups in need of systematic revision, and serve as a preliminary guide to the literature required for the identification of species, the book was compiled in cooperation with the Crustacean Society, includes more than 1,600 species, 77 pages; color plates, Published by American Fisheries Society, Publication date 1989, Stock #510.13P; ISBN 0-913235-49-0 Email for Price

DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteers:

Arkansas Atlas & Gazetteer, DeLorme, new Email for Price
Tennessee Atlas & Gazetteer, DeLorme, new Email for Price
South Carolina Atlas & Gazetteer, DeLorme, new Email for Price
North Carolina Atlas & Gazetteer, DeLorme, new Email for Price

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American Currents, journal of the North American Native Fishes Association, quarterly publication with hard-to-find information on the biology and captive care of North American fishes, color and black and white photos and line drawings. The following issues are available:

Annotated Checklist of North American Freshwater Fishes, Including Subspecies and Undescribed Forms by Chris Scharpf, Complete Five Volume Set $40.00

Individual issues of American Currents:
1999 AC Summer $6.00

2000 AC Summer Vol 26, Issue 3, 39 pages $6.00
Imperiled Fishes in Mississippi; The Fate of the Alabama Sturgeon; recent Additions and Changes to the US and Canadian Endangered Fishes lists; Collecting and Maintaining the Mud Sunfish, Acantharcus pomotis; New Localities for the Tadpole Madtom (Noturus gyrinus) in Northeastern Wisconsin; Tishomingo National Fish Hatchery Gets Alligator Gar.

2000 AC Winter $6.00

2001 AC Fall Vol 27, Number 4, 35 pages $6.00
Keeping the Brook Trout; The Battle of the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow; The Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Recovery Effort at the Albuquerque Biological Park; Captive Propagation of Chubs of the Genus Erimystax; Federal Hatchery Develops Technology for Imperiled Bonytail; book review of Complete Guide to Building Aquariums.

2001 AC Spring Vol 27, Issue 2, 35 pages $6.00
The Smallest-Mouth Buffalo; Occurrence of Pimephales vigilax (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in the Spring river Drainage, Missouri; Search for the Fabled Mountain Nymph; Reproductive Behavior of the Fundulus Lima Vaillant, a Killifish from Baja California; How Do Your Redbellies Spawn? President’s Report, Spring 2001.

2001 AC Summer Vol 27, Issue 3, 35 pages $6.00
2001 AC Winter Vol 27, Issue 1, 39 pages $6.00
Fishes from the Land of Trucha de Tierra Caliente; Building the Perfect Gar Pond; NANFA Convention, Jackson, MS; Editorial: What Are We Doing?; Spawning the Rare Pygmy Madtom, Noturus staunali; Corrections and Updates to American Aquarium Fishes; A Native Fish and Riparian Zone Interpretive and Educational Sign Project; NANFA Establishes the Corcoran Education Grant; NANFA Illinois-Indiana Chapter Fall Outing.

2002 AC Fall Vol 28, Number 4 $6.00
30th Anniversary Issue; NANFA: Its Past and Future; Anniversary Kudos from a NANFA Old-timer; New Species of Freshwater Sculpins from the Middle Atlantic Eastern United Sates; Developing Propagation and Culture Protocols for the Cahaba Shiner, Notropis cahabae, the Goldline Darter, Percina aurolineata; Tennessee River Gorge Seinerama 2002; Collecting and Spawning the Flagfin Shiner; The First Texas Native Fish Weekend; Anti-Bacterials, Tranquilizers, and You!; Auction Ameca Collecting.

2002 AC Spring Vol 28, Number 2 $6.00
Growth, Condition, and Color of Juvenile Bowfin in Medium-Sized Aquaria; Exploring the Naturalist-Aquarist Connection; Captive Propagation of Two Pupfishes, Cyprinodon nevadensis armagosae and Cyprinodon fontinalis; Birthplace of the Eels; Spawning of Three Nothonotus Darter Species; Feeding the North American Paddlefish.

2002 AC Summer Vol 28, Number 3 $6.00
Snorkeling Michigan Inland Lakes; Where Bowfin Lurk; Iowa and Least Darters; Teens Promoting Native Fish Awareness; Field Trip to Cedar Creek, Lebanon Church, Virginia; Discovering Desert Fishes; A Fragile Jewel, the Blackbanded Sunfish.

2002 AC Winter Vol 28, Number 1, 35 pages $6.00
Pools: Construction and Maintenance; Catching and Keeping Redfin Pickerel; The Fascinating Fishes of Cape Fear; 2001 NANFA Convention in Hocking Hills, Ohio; Killifishes of Nantucket

2003 AC Fall Vol 29, Number 4 $6.00
The Lonely Longnose Sucker; Okefenokee II; Spawning the Swamp Darter (Etheostoma fusiforme); Seining Downstream; Have Snorkel, Will Travel; Cryptic Biodiversity; The Best Kept Secret in the Bait Shop; Sudden Onset Piscine Expiration

2003 AC Spring Vol 29, Number 2 $6.00
Herrings and Shads of North America; Building the Perfect Gar Pond; Gila Trout Swim Back from Extinction; National Water (and Fish) Monitoring Day; Cheap and Easy Shipping Boxes; In memoriam: Robert Rush Miller; Green Water, Shipping, and Bad Taste.

2003 AC Summer Vol 29, Number 3 $6.00
Where Have All the Shiners Gone?; The Mexican Blindcat (Prietella phreatophila); The Fishes of Traders Creek in Northwestern Oklahoma; Spawning the Okefenokee Pygmy Sunfish (Elassoma okefenokee); Darters and Bass Get A Pass; The Crested Goby (Lophogobius cyprinoids)

2003 AC Winter Vol 29, Number 1 $6.00
Extreme Catfishes; Design and Application of a Larval Fish Trap; Lake Superior’s Native Lampreys; book review of Learn About . . . Texas Freshwater Fishes; Underwater Video Monitoring of Four Desert Fishes at an Arizona High School; Propagation of the Pirate Perch, Aphredoderus sayanus. . . at the Toledo Zoo; Report from the 2002 NANFA Convention, Ann Arbor, MI; Current Status of the Bridle Shiner, Notropis bifrenatus; Of Cormorants and Killies; Supplicants, Ethics, and Antibiotics; Beware the Green Sunfish.

2004 AC Fall Vol 30, Number 4 $6.00
Seldom Seen Sunnies; Historical Notes on Lampreys in Wisconsin; Collecting and Selling Troglodytic Fish; Eel Fortunes; Warrior Bridled Darter, Speckled Darter, Tuskaloosa Darter, and Burrhead Shiner; Logperches: Masters of the Stone; Desert Fish.

2004 AC Spring Vol 30, Number 2 $6.00
Flagfin Shiners (Pteronotropis) of the Southeastern US; The Spotfin Killifish, Fundulus luciae, is More Common Than You Thought; Goodeid Status Update, Jan. 2004; Ancient Bowfin Presents New Ich-Theological Conundrum; Sturgeon Surgeons; The Gawky but Graceful “Airplane Fish.

2004 AC Summer Vol 30, Number 3 $6.00
Juvenile Goldeye (Hiodon alosoides) for Medium-Sized Aquaria; Fishes and Freshwater Mussels of the Tippecanoe River Basin in Indiana, with Comments on Freshwater Mussel Life History; How Native Lampreys Are Portrayed by State Agencies; Physical Habitat and the Assessment of Stream Health; Summer Satinfins.

2004 AC Winter Vol 30, Number 1 $6.00
Report from 2003 NANFA Convention in Huntsville, AL; Stickleback Behavior; Captive Propagation of Notropis heterodon, the Blackchin Shiner; Conservation Assessment for Bluehead Shiner, Pteronotropis hubbsi.

2006 AC Fall Vol32, Number 4 Annotated Checklist Part II $6.00

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