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Extreme Collecting

Thread from the NANFA List Server

OK, this is not extreme in the sense of unexpected hazards, but rather extreme drive to get your quarry:

Don't know if Tom Payne or Larry James are on this list, but I'm sure they still remember our trip to the Walhonding River (north of Coshocton Ohio) with Pat Johnson. Was Klaus there that time? Anyway, Pat has no qualms about doing anything to get the fish. We were after bowfin, which we had found before in this overflow . Extensive seining produced no bowfin, as I recall, so we decided they must be hiding in the underground culvert that fed the . This was a square, concrete pipe running some 100 ft under the highway to the river. It was maybe no more than 4 ft high and narrowed down at one end. So we set one seine at the mouth of the culvert and Pat went around to the other end with another seine. Using his time tested one man seining technique he worked that culvert from one end to the other emerging in the fetal position and blanketed with cob webs only to find no bowfin at all. But we all gained respect for his devotion to the cause.

Oh, I almost forgot. This was a steep-bank access and covered with posion ivy. That's the other reason Tom and Larry remember it. It left a lasting impression on _them_ :)

This is the overflow

This is the mouth of the culvert where Pat ended up

This is a seine haul from a previous, successful trip

Bowfin, bullheads, bluegills, warmouth, others

Big bowfin

Mudpuppy from the main channel of the Walhonding


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